Get Help with Your Water Damage

Seasonal water damage to a home or business can be destructive, expensive, and always unexpected. Some insurance carriers may be reluctant to cover your claim in its entirety. Call Allclaims to make sure you get the coverage you are owed.

Water damage comes in many forms.

Recurring Seasonal & Common Sources

Summer: Small leaks in your air conditioning is normal, but when larger units break, such as central air conditioning, gallons can pour throughout your home. 

Fall: Outside drainage can clog up with leaves and other debris. This sends water back into your roof, walls, or foundation. Interior drains can get blocked with dirt, stopping water from reaching your sewers or septic. 

Winter: Unused ducts and pipes can collect water and freeze, splitting and breaking. Thawing later creates conditions for mold growth.

Spring:  Winter can make a mess of frozen and thawing pipes, especially when they are old. Sump pumps can break and flood, and exposed pipes can crack.

Water Claims are Common

Home insurance claims for water damage are one of the most common.

Most insurance policies cover all risks of direct, physical loss caused within the structure by sudden water damage.

Direct & Unexpected

Pipe leaks and breaks, or leaks from appliances (such as dishwasher, refrigerator, washing machine, or hot water tank) are typically covered by most insurance policies.

Outside Coverage

Damage that occurs outside the dwelling or structure is oftentimes excluded in certain insurance policies.

Make sure that the damage to your property is properly assessed by one of our trained professionals to determine if it is a covered loss.

How we help

Suffering from water damage?  

Here is your course of action:

  • Call immediate services to mitigate the loss (ie – plumber).
  • Contact your insurance company and our team to discuss and evaluate the property.
  • Find a mitigation team to dry out the damage.
  • Get your home or business back to its pre-loss condition.

Throughout the claims process, we will work tirelessly to relieve you of any stress, worry, or burden throughout the insurance process.  

Make Allclaims Pro your first call.

Damage Inventory (500+ Items) Checklist

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