Our Process

At Allclaims, we ensure the expertise while handling any claim set before us. Our experts carefully analyze each claim and fully instruct the insured of the proper approach to remedy the property loss.

Step 1: Contact Us

Please contact us describing your current property loss. Remember to have your insurance policy available as well as any photos, estimates, or documentation you may have received from the insurance carrier or contractor if you have already engaged in the claims process.

Step 2: Policy and Documentation Review

Once our team has received your policy and all documentation of the loss, we will thoroughly assess the situation and determine the proper steps on how to move forward.

Step 3: Moving Forward

After reviewing the loss and informing you, the policyholder, of the best course of action, our team will engage the insurance company and work with them to properly assess every aspect of the claim from start to finish.

Our job is to make sure that you, the policyholder, are accurately compensated based on the extent of the loss.

Rest assured that Allclaims Pro will take care of you.

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