Insurance companies have professionals working hard on their side. Shouldn’t you?

Isn’t it time your best interests came first with property insurance claims?

Public Adjusters and Insurance Claim Appraisers

We help policyholders process their claim with ease.

Allclaims Pro, LLC is a licensed, bonded, and insured Public Adjusting firm that advocates for you: the public. As a Public Adjuster, we work to ensure that your best interests are met when working with insurance carriers on your property claims.

I Recommend Them To Anyone

The entire process was completely handled and ran very smoothly from beginning to end. Allclaims Pro made certain that the Railway Mail Service Library was fully compensated for everything I was owed from the hail storm loss that occurred last May, all while removing stress, uncertainty, and concern that usually occurs when filing an insurance claim!

Frank Sheer

Everyday thousands of people file claims for property damage.

Unfortunately, everyday, many people are denied the coverage to which they are entitled. At Allclaims Pro, our team of experts evaluates the claim on the policyholder’s behalf, sparing you the stress of having to deal directly with the insurance carrier, and giving you the peace of mind knowing that your claim will be properly assessed and handled.

A Trusted Public Adjusting firm

We assist you with the following property losses

Fire Damage

Water Damage

Lightning Damage

Hail Damage

Wind Damage


Hurricane Damage

Tree Damage

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