If you think that you deserve more money for your insurance claim than your insurance company is willing to pay you, you may already be considering hiring a public adjuster. One thing you may not understand, however, is how much does a public adjuster charge?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, unfortunately. Public adjusters look at each case individually to determine how much time and materials need to spend on your particular claim. They should, however, be able to provide you with a pretty accurate estimate on what their charge will be.

In most cases, payment to the public adjuster does not come directly out of your pocket. Most often, payment is taken as a percentage of the money collected on your behalf. This is money that you otherwise would not have gotten from the insurance company, so it is like a bonus to you!

This process is known in the industry as a contingency fee and can range between 5% and 15% of what is collected.

Put into dollars-and-cents terms, if your public adjuster was able to collect $15,000 from your insurance company, the public adjuster would be paid between $750 (5%) and $2,250 (15%) of that amount. Simple cases that can be resolved quickly fall at the lower end of the contingency fee. Those that are more complicated earn the public adjuster more.
Other ways a public adjuster can charge is through a flat rate or an hourly rate. A flat rate fee can be charged when the public adjuster determines that your case is simple, with a clear outcome. Hourly rates are almost never charged.

Before you engage their services, be sure to ask how much does your public adjuster charge? Public adjusters are regulated by state laws and must abide by the rules and restrictions on how and how much they can charge. You can view some of the Code of Virginia’s regulations for public adjusters.

This process is known in the industry as a contingency fee and can range between 5% and 15% of what is collected.

Why Do I Need a Public Adjuster?

When you’ve been trying to finalize a damage claim with your insurance company, but firmly believe that you should be receiving more money than offered, you can turn to a public adjuster to help.

A public adjuster is not affiliated with any insurance company, rather, they are an advocate on your side to help you get all that you are entitled to from your insurance company.

A public adjuster is an expert in insurance coverage, filing and adjusting your claim. They know how to approach the insurance company and file any necessary or supplemental claims on your behalf. This is a process that is time consuming and often frustrating for the homeowner who doesn’t have this background and is money well spent to have someone else handle the claim for them.

Allclaims Pro Will Fight for the Money You Deserve

Once you contact Allclaims Pro Adjusting, our process is to review your current insurance policy, damage photographs, estimates and any other documentation to determine the ease or difficulty of your claim.

Once reviewed, we will determine the best course of action and with your approval, engage with the insurance company to ensure that all aspects of your claim are properly handled.

We want to make sure that you are properly compensated for the extent of your loss.

Contact Allclaims Pro Adjusting

If you would like to know how to file an insurance claim, or need help navigating the insurance claims process, speak with Allclaims Pro Public Adjusting. Please contact us in our Front Royal, VA office. We’ll be glad to help you with any fire, water, or storm damage insurance claims.

Want to Learn More About How Much Does a Public Adjuster Charge?

If you’d like to learn more about how public adjusters charge, we invite you to read our post, “How are Public Adjusters Paid?” 

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