In our previous posts, “What is a Public Adjuster,” and “When to Hire a Public Adjuster,” we gave you the basics about what and why we do. One question we didn’t answer was, “How are public adjusters paid?

The first thing to understand is that a public adjuster is an independent entity. We are not affiliated with any insurance company. We are there to serve as an advocate to you, our client, in order to get you the compensation for your losses to which you are entitled. As such, public adjusters are paid by the client.

How are Public Adjusters Paid?

There are several ways in which public adjusters can be paid: through a flat rate, an hourly rate or a contingency fee. It is important to determine which payment form you will be using with your public adjuster before they begin working on your case.

Contingency Fee

Percentage fees, or contingency fees, are the most common way a public adjuster will charge for his or her services. This fee is earned as a percentage of the total money received and can run between 5% and 15% in most states.

Flat Rate

Public adjusters sometimes offer a flat fee when a case is simple, with a clear outcome. Understand what this fee includes; things like expenses and experts can often be extra.

Hourly Rate

An hourly rate is the least common way public adjusters are paid, but you may run into situations where this form of payment is used. State regulations may also dictate whether hourly fees are applicable.

If an hourly rate is suggested, ask your public adjuster before they begin work on your case how many hours they will need to work on your claim.

How a public adjuster gets paid is regulated on the state level, with restrictions and rules on how much a public adjuster can charge, and which methods are allowed in that state. In Virginia, the State Corporation Commission regulates a Code of Virginia standards of conduct for public adjusters.

How a Public Adjuster with AllClaims Pro Gets Paid

In most cases, AllClaims Pro Public Adjusting works on a contingency basis. In other words, when we are successful in collecting money from the insurance carrier on your behalf, we take a percentage of the settlement as our fee.

How much contingency percentage we receive depends upon your claim. Claims can run the gamut from simple to complicated, and residential to commercial. Each case is different. We will look at the particulars of your unique claim to make the determination of what percentage we will need to charge prior to commencing on your case.

Contact AllClaims Pro for a Free Consultation

AllClaims Pro Public Adjusting helps remove the stress and burden of the insurance claims process and strives to get you the exact money you are due for your loss.

We encourage you to contact us to discuss your claim. We are glad to provide you with a free consultation and can explain how public adjusters are paid. You can contact AllClaims Pro at (540) 683-1952 or [email protected].

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